Step Into That Horizon Life in the Latest Horizon Brand Publication

The latest Horizon Brand Publication is now available in print and online.

The Horizon Experience comes to life within the pages of the latest Horizon Yachts Brand Publication. Now available in print and online, Volume 59 is bursting with exquisite photography showcasing our stunning new yacht builds as well as compelling stories from Horizon yacht owners around the world. From the bold and beautiful FD102 Askari, built for Australian owners, to the very first Horizon E90, Lazy Daze, built for American owners, Volume 59 takes you on an inspiring journey through each new build from stem to stern. Reminisce with the Horizon Yacht USA and Horizon Power Catamaran 2022 Bahamian Rendezvous re-caps and enjoy the cruising and ownership stories from Horizon owners discovering the glorious waters of the Whitsundays, The Bahamas and beyond. Whether it’s new launches, yachts in build at the yard or a unique charter partnership opportunity that is now available for Horizon clients, the Horizon Yachts Brand Publication keeps you informed of yard news and important Horizon happenings around the world. Grab a copy or click here and dive into the latest issue today!

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