Advanced technology

Horizon has put together a talented and world-renowned team of naval architects and engineers to create safe and durable yachts to satisfy our clients. The most advanced technologies available have been used in design, construction and operation of each Horizon-built yacht.

CNC Milling System

Computer numerical control (CNC) milling brings a new definition of precision to yacht manufacturing. A milling machine runs on 90-foot tracks, and its 5-axis router, working at the speed of 1,800 inches per minute, can stop at any precise position within a 0.01-inch tolerance. The MR-125 Gantry Milling System is a yacht builder's dream machine.  
Rapid, large-part manufacturing with the 5-axis router starts with rough milling of low-density foam blocks. Next, fiberglass-reinforced material is applied to provide strength and rigidity. Then a layer of higher-density foam is added and the entire piece is milled again to produce a perfect part shape. 
Working at high speeds and with precise measurements, the computer-driven milling system can create forms that are almost perfectly symmetrical and remarkably consistent. This results in vessels manufactured with exquisite lines built with the greatest efficiency, artistry and economy - all passed along to the yacht owner in beauty and value. 


SCRIMP (Seemann’s Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process) was originally developed by the U.S. Navy while seeking new ways to add strength and durability to a vessel without adding weight or affecting its performance. Horizon was the first authorized yacht builder in Asia to utilize SCRIMP in 1999. 
In 2004, after careful studies and tests, Horizon developed an improved resin infusion technology that transforms the resin from original 2D flow on surfaces to 3D flow, which climbs up and down internal stiffeners, enabling the build of far larger structures than previously possible. In the past, the stiffeners could only be constructed through hand lamination, which meant increased weight and less structural integrity. By utilizing the infusion technology, the resin can flow in all directions instead of only in a planar direction, and the stiffeners can be integrated with the yacht during the infusion, making the yacht both stronger and lighter. Horizon broke the world record in 2005 with a 136-foot hull and stiffeners infused in one shot, and to date, Horizon has successfully produced five 130-foot hulls utilizing our improved 3D infusion technology. 
In 2009, Horizon was authorized by EADS (The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company N.V) through SAERTEX as well as authorized for another advanced process technology called VAP (Vacuum Assisted Process). VAP is a breakthrough technology originally developed to be applied on aircraft manufacturing but can now also be applied to yacht manufacturing. Without sacrificing the benefits of SCRIMP, VAP can more uniformly distribute resin and guarantee less air trapped within the composite.   
Innovation is one of the major factors that make Horizon stand apart from other builders, and Horizon will keep moving forward to provide the best possible products for customers. 

Benefits of SCRIMP include:
1.   Reduces the emission of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to nearly zero
2.   Eliminates the chance for contamination or human error when preparing a second bonding surface
3.   Guarantees flawless and continuous resin distribution throughout the laminate 
4.   Allows perfect bonding between the shell and core structures
5.   Higher fiber-to-resin ratio, which means lighter and stronger composition
6.   Consistent quality

Sophisticated Craftsmanship





Imagine yourself entertaining guests onboard a yacht built with class, style, sophistication, and safety, or perhaps enjoying quality family time in an elegant salon, surrounded by fine woods and quality craftsmanship chosen to suit your own personal requirements. Dine in a magnificent Italianate dining room and sleep the night away in a French-style stateroom. Whether your lifestyle onboard is simple or luxurious, modern or classic, Horizon’s highly skilled craftsmen strive to build the perfect yacht interior to compliment your tastes.

Horizon yachts are renowned in the yacht industry for superior craftsmanship, innovation and quality. Backed by hundreds of talented craftsmen, each with at least 20 years’ accumulated yacht building experience, Horizon constructs virtually every detail - from the interior layout and styling to the cut of stone used for the galley countertops and the cuts of leather use for the upholstery – all under a strict quality control system that ensures the finished product showcases Horizon’s Quality Commitment to our customers. Our exceptional custom-built cabinetry, fine woods and finishes have met and exceeded the interior needs of hundreds of discerning customers, and our dedication to quality and excellence in build has assured high retention rates with second, third and fourth time Horizon owners.

Extraodinary Design

“Horizon Style” is the creative combination of wisdom gained from well-known designers and the unparalleled proficiency of Horizon’s in-house naval architects design team. Horizon‘s design team works closely with clients to provide thoughtful design advice, fulfill lifestyle requirements, and ensure the reliability, safety and performance of every new Horizon motoryacht. 
The Horizon design team also utilizes the most advanced programs, including the 3D CAD visualization and virtual reality for yacht design. With 3D CAD visualization, computer-simulated design concepts can be reviewed for visual appearance and examined for possible flaws and workability. Furthermore, 3D visualization improves overall understanding and communication between designers, shipyards and clients to ensure the client’s dreams become reality.

Excellent Engineering

Flexibility in design and construction is one of the distinctive features that sets Horizon apart as a yacht builder and allows the customization of each yacht to fit the individual owner’s lifestyle. Horizon’s ability to create customized yachts is a direct result of our highly talented and dedicated team members that includes the following:

​30 with Master’s degrees in Naval Architecture
50 with Bachelor of Naval Architecture degrees
65 full-time front-line engineers with college degrees in specialized fields
An in-house interior design team that helps each owner detail and personalize their new Horizon, with flexibility and creativity as the key driving forces. 
Hundreds of workers with more than 20 years experience, all with an unrivalled commitment to quality and integrity
Over 1,000 employees with abundant and relevant experience, qualified to build to DNV (HSLC) class certification and MCA compliance.

With this experienced team, Horizon constructs safe, durable and unique yachts that meet our client’s most demanding requirements. To date, Horizon has delivered over 650 yachts – more than 120 of these vessels are over 80 feet in length– and no two of these Horizon yachts are exactly alike.  Each yacht reflects its owner’s lifestyle and personality and is created with the care and dedication only achievable by a team of experts who are committed to customer satisfaction and long term industry success.  

Quality Assurance

Horizon’s commitment to high-quality vessels guarantees state-of-the-art design, exceptional finish, and safe cruising ability. With Horizon’s quality assurance system, every vessel is subject to stringent, continuous inspections at every stage of the build, from initial lay-up, fit and finish to the engineering systems. Beginning with the earliest design stage, various tests are implemented to examine the build and make sure the vessel meets specific requirements before proceeding to the next stage. The tank test checks the hull design, stability and integrity; the material tests confirm the hull strength; the sea trial ensures the performance, durability and safety; the power and equipment setup before delivery assures delivery of vessels with fully operational systems; and the ERP computer system carefully and efficiently manages this process for every yacht built, ensuring no step is missed.  

In addition, each of the four Horizon facilities are independently ISO 9002 approved, utilizing the most advanced technologies to assure quality in every production process. With over 25 years of accumulated naval architecture skill and yacht building experience, Horizon’s quality is enjoyed by many new and returning clients and is recognized by the world’s major classification societies, including Lloyd’s Register (LR), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Nippon Kaij Kyokai (NK) and many more. Horizon is currently the only yacht builder in Asia that has obtained full DNV Class Classifications. Building to class has become a standard process in Horizon’s manufacturing, especially on the custom megayacht P Series vessels. Owning a Horizon will provide not only a distinguished yachting lifestyle but also peace of mind when out on the open sea.

State of the art Facilities

Every yacht is created from a mold, and it is the quality of the mold that determines the outcome of the final product. To ensure the best and most accurate molds possible, Horizon owns a professional CNC shop dedicated to providing precise molds for each shipyard to use in building our yachts. Our CNC shop enforces stringent guidelines, including:

1. Performance evaluation:
Prior to producing a mold, yacht designs have to go through a series of calculation and verification assessments. Horizon's CNC shop studies and evaluates the speed, stability and resistance according to boat models' cruising area as well as the seaworthiness of the design. The performance evaluation must meet strict requirements before the new model can actually be put into production.

2. Mold design and manufacturability assessment:
In recent years, exterior yacht styles have become highly diverse, with more detailed shapes and lines, and designers now endeavor to develop yacht styles with unique aesthetics; however, the possible manufacturing complications of these designs are often overlooked. The responsibility and mission of Horizon's CNC shop is to carefully determine how to divide and combine the molds according to their distinct shapes, while also considering how the mold can be produced according to the design without affecting the shape condition.  

3. Mold production:
Horizon's CNC shop utilizes advanced 3D computer - aided design software to construct our molds. With our computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), every detailed shape can be drawn out by the computer and in accordance with the designer's ideas. In addition to output complex and curved lines, CAM also ensures that each yacht component is accurately produced to the highest degree of quality.