Horizon History

Horizon Yacht, the parent company of Horizon Group, was founded in 1987 by CEO John Lu, who has a deep-rooted passion for boats and a love of the ocean that stems from childhood. After graduating from the National Taiwan Ocean University with a degree in naval architecture, Lu returned to his hometown of Kaohsiung to gain experience in yacht industry. His success as a naval architect led to the decision to establish Horizon Yacht, with the goal to build clients their ultimate dream yacht – a goal that remains unchanged to this day.

Business Concept

Since its establishment, Horizon has endeavored to create and build yachts that embody each client’s dreams. Horizon’s integrated company structure contributes to this goal, allowing each subsidiary company to focus on their area of expertise and build high-quality vessels in a shorter construction time. Atech Composite Company specializes in composite engineering and builds yacht hulls and superstructures with Horizon’s patented SCRIMP process. Vision Yachts builds yachts ranging from 48 to 78 feet, Premier Yacht builds custom megayachts 100 feet up, and Horizon Yacht build yachts ranging from 50 to 150 feet.  

The Horizon Group Management Center functions to improve overall efficiency by supervising the Horizon Group network and includes a delivery center; mold center; human resources center; marketing center and IT center. Horizon places great importance on consistent product quality and customer service, and as a result has set in place a system of standardized working procedures and computerized knowledge-sharing platforms for continual growth and improvement. Additionally, Horizon adheres to the world’s most reputable classification societies, adopting exacting international standards in design and construction of private luxury yachts. 

Horizon Persepective

Dedicated to customer satisfaction, Horizon strives to improve and advance upon every aspect of the boat-building process. Horizon also invests in the future, developing new models and series as well as focusing on more environmentally friendly yacht designs and manufacturing processes. As one of the world’s top 10 luxury yacht builders, Horizon will continue to evolve and provide luxury yachts that better serve our customers needs.