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Horizon Yachts Implements a Comprehensive Equipment Renewal Plan, including New PaR Systems 5-Axis CNC Machine.

As each Horizon yacht owner defines his Horizon yacht build, it truly becomes a work of art. Horizon Yachts has directly addressed the evolving complexity of a yacht’s exterior design, the continuous refinement of the fluid lines, and the diverse custom requirements of its clients through its dedicated Tooling Center, which since 2006 has utilized PaR Systems’ 5-Axis equipment to machine the complex shapes necessary for yacht hulls, wind power component molds and other composite materials. In 2021, in tandem with the shipyard’s $15M facilities expansion, Horizon Yachts implemented an equipment renewal plan, which included the installation of a brand new PaR Systems 5-Axis CNC machine accompanied by an accelerated production process, expansion of technology R&D and increased capabilities for precision processing technology and innovative technology applications.

Based in Shoreview, Minnesota, PaR Systems is a world-leading systems engineering firm specializing in automated manufacturing and material handling equipment. In operation for over 60 years, PaR Systems has been a long-standing partner of Horizon and is well known in the maritime industry. Recently, PaR Systems supplied the key equipment for the U.S. Navy’s next-generation super carrier, the 2025 Ford-class USS Kennedy.

Used in medical, aerospace, electronics, motorsports, shipbuilding and any other industry requiring an exacting amount of precision, the 5-Axis machine operates like a pair of artist’s hands with the ability to maneuver multiple degrees, angles and arcs. Aided by digital control systems such as CAD geometry models, wireless spindle probes and 3D measuring instruments, this machine is capable of extremely accurate machining regardless of contour or complexity.

Ten feet tall and occupying a total area of 1,800 square feet, Horizon’s new 5-Axis CNC machine is equivalent in size to the hull mold of a five-stateroom FD90. Whether it is crafting the open upper deck structure of a Horizon yacht model, a dynamic and streamlined hull mold, or much smaller parts, such as custom storage units, tunnels, staircase designs or semi-custom built-ins, the 5-Axis tool can operate 24/7 at high speeds with autonomous positioning and wireless spindle head adjustment in response to Horizon’s proprietary process and designs – like a superior shipbuilding craftsman who never stops!

Of the installation and integration process, United Project Center Director Keith Chen said, “The collaboration between Horizon’s engineers and PaR Systems’ American engineers has been a pleasant experience that has led to professional discussions on the applications of the latest technologies in the yacht building process.”

The CAD/CAM computer-aided design and manufacturing system that accompanies the 5-Axis machine was also upgraded. This modeling software integrates 2D, 3D, point, line, surface, digital twin and simulations to a 0.001mm accuracy. To demonstrate the improvements and technical precision of the new CNC system, Horizon’s yacht design team used reverse engineering technology to carve a sculpture of a dragon – the same design created when the Tooling Center was established in 2006. The distinction and improvement from the first version to the latest was apparent. “Continuous innovation and research and development are core values at Horizon Yachts,” says Assistant Tooling Center Supervisor Andy Tsai. “Our new 5-Axis CNC machine is capable of crafting unique works of art for each of our yacht clients that will last for generations.”

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