Horizon Ranks World’s 9th Largest Builder in 2020 Global Order Book

3 February 2020

An uptick in orders has propelled the builder to rank among the World’s Top 10 Yacht Builders
The rankings of the world’s leading yacht builders in the much-anticipated 2020 Global Order Book have been released. Horizon Yachts is once again among the Top 10 Largest Yacht Builders in the World, ranking 9th in terms of overall length of yachts currently in build. Prepared annually by the yachting industry analysis experts at Boat International Media in London, the Global Order Book (GOB) is the industry’s most well-respected analysis of the state of the yacht building industry worldwide.

Despite what the GOB refers to as a “pause” in projects over 24 meters (78 feet) in 2019, Horizon’s successful FD Series can be credited with propelling the yacht builder from its 11th place ranking to its current ranking of #9 among the Top 10 builders in terms of overall length, with 24 projects totaling 709 meters (2,326 feet) underway.

Providing an in-depth analysis of the build data gathered, the GOB cited a broader diversity of yacht design styles with a marked increase in volume in semi-custom hulls—two of the main characteristics of the Horizon FD Series. “On length alone,” the GOB states, “we recorded a strong lift in the number of 90 to 99ft (27.4 to 30.1m) yachts ordered or under construction.” Given the volume and space afforded by the Horizon FD Series, it is not necessary for owners to consider yachts of longer length, and many of Horizon’s recent clients have actually downsized from larger yachts, stating that the space afforded by the FD adequately suited their needs

While Taiwanese yacht build production saw a slight decrease (down 5.4 percent) from 2019, the production numbers for the country remain high, with Horizon accounting for a 14.3 percent increase in projects year-on-year. Overall, the GOB predicts the superyacht industry to be in a “holding pattern” with the exceptions of the 100-meter-plus (300ft+) market (operating at a 10-year high) and a resilient mid-sized market. Shipyards such as Horizon that are investing heavily in their product lines are pioneering the growth of the industry overall, and owners intent on pushing the boundaries—in terms of use of glass, hull forms, propulsion and efficiency—are driving the innovation.