1987     Founded Horizon Yacht Company

1993     Entered the megayacht market over 80 feet

1995     Delivered the first megayacht 80-footer 

1999     Applied new patented “SCRIMP” resin vacuum infusion technology to yacht building

2000     Established subsidiary Atech Composite Company dedicating to building hulls and superstructures

2001     Established subsidiary shipyard, Vision Yachts Company to build yachts ranging from 56 to 80 feet

2002     Started R&D in alternative power resources, especially in manufacturing of wind turbine blades 

2005     Established subsidiary shipyard, Premier Yachts dedicating to building megayachts 

2007     Established Horizon Group Management Center & global branding

2008     Launched the world’s largest one-shot SCRIMP hull vessel, P136 “Miss Rose”

2008     Entered the steel megayacht market with the EP148 Explorer 

2009     Launched the Taiwan’s largest FRP megayacht, 136-foot “Bikini Queen 2” 

2010     Launched Taiwan’s first Solar Boat, SC23

2010     Became the first and only SYBAss member from the Far East

2012     Launched the largest BV Ice-class yacht built in Asia- EP148 “Horizon Polaris”

2013     Successfully finished a megayacht refit project, 227-foot “Saluzi”

2014     Launched the New Design Raised Pilothouse PR110 megayacht, 110-foot “Andrea VI”

2014     Constructed Horizon City Marina, Taiwan’s first private luxury yacht marina that offers a full range of marine and yachting lifestyle services

2015     Launched the first 85-foot fast displacment yacht, Horizon FD85

2016     Launched the new 120- foot Horizon RP120 which is awarded by 2016 Asia Pacific Boating Award "Best Asia Built Yacht"